Attention: all ambitious, driven, but frustrated small business owners!

Do you love what you do, you're just not making enough money doing it? 

Are you achieving some success in your business, but ultimately, your results don’t match the effort you put in? 

Have you read the business growth books and attended the webinars, seminars and workshops, only to find that after your initial excitement and motivation, you lose momentum and nothing really changes? 

And are you frustrated because you just KNOW you could be achieving so much more? 

If you nodded in response to any of the questions above, the first thing I want you to know is... 

These challenges are familiar to many business owners and as one myself, I’ve been on the same journey and so I know exactly how you feel.  

  • You’re putting in the hours and working hard and you're getting somewhere, but you’re still not getting the results you really want. 
  • Everywhere you look, people are wooping about their achievements and sometimes it feels like everyone is making more of a success of it, than you. 
  • You've realised that you've hit a wall, but in the absence of knowing what you need to do get past it, you continue as you are and so nothing changes.

Well, the second thing I want you to know is... 


Waking up each day knowing EXACTLY where your business is heading and feeling truly INSPIRED and MOTIVATED to make it happen

Knowing and believing (and I mean really believing!) that the successful business you aspire to have is not just possible, but INEVITABLE. 

Approaching every day with CLARITY and PURPOSE, knowing exactly what you need to DO to achieve your goals.

Being known in your market as the person who can resolve your ideal clients problems so that they literally seek you out.

Working with more of the clients you LOVE, getting paid what you're WORTH and making the DIFFERENCE you went into business to make.

And imagine… Achieving these results in a matter of MONTHS!

What is VMA?

VMA is a simple strategic process designed specifically for ambitious business owners who have the passion and drive to take their business to the next level, but who also recognise that doing so requires a more structured approach than the one that got them where they are now.

Why you are where are 

As a small business owner, there is so much for you to do and think about. 

You’ve got to be the networker, the marketer and the sales person. You’ve got to organise the operations, sort out the technology, source the suppliers and you’ve got to do the numbers. That’s on top of delivering the ‘thing’ that you do for your clients. No wonder you're exhausted! 

That 'thing' that you do so brilliantly and with such passion is the reason you set up on your own in the first place. You love enabling your clients to make transformations and the truth is, you just want to do more of that. However, in order to do more of it, you need the business to grow and that just isn't where your strength lies. 

Why you need VMA 

Having worked with literally thousands of people in business, I have seen time and time again that the reason people fail to achieve the results they want is that there is a lack of alignment in what they want to achieve and the action that they are taking on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. 

You see, whilst it's true that taking action is essential in business and will likely result in more and better results than taking no action at all, the best results come from taking the right action and by the right action, I mean action that is aligned with a specific and explicit pre-determined outcome. 

I now work with ambitious and driven business owners to create the conditions that are central to business success. These conditions are summarise as VISION > MINDSET > ACTION and when these three fundamental areas are aligned and working together, you literally cannot help but succeed.

So I have a question for you

Are you ready to STOP wasting your precious time, energy and money on activity that gets in the way of growing your business and instead invest your time, energy and money in a simple, but highly strategic approach to creating the results that you really want? 

 Fantastic! Then I can't wait to work with you!

When You Join VMA For Business...

You gain access to my simple and proven THREE STEP strategic process for creating a fully aligned and therefore successful and sustainable business...




Design a business Vision that leverages your two most powerful motivators and therefore inspires and motivates you to take action.

Create a certainty in relation to your vision, as well as the confidence, headspace and focus necessary to make your vision reality.

Break your vision down into milestones and get clear about the specific actions you need to take, so that you move towards your vision with ease.

...and when you have VMA aligned and working together, you can't help but succeed...

"Since working with Tamsen, everything has changed and improved. Finally I had a clear vision of what I wanted my business to be and why and I had an action plan of what I needed to do to make it happen – all in a logical order! 

Because I am so much more confident in the quality of my products and the value they bring my clients, I am no longer being told that my prices are too expensive and in fact, I’m selling packages that are earning me MORE money"

Carol Seaborne, enLITEened Weightloss

Join VMA For Busines and...

  • Design a vision for your business (and your life!) that truly inspires and motivates you to take the specific action necessary to make your vision reality.
  • Create a predominant mental attitude of certainty in relation to your vision, so that success feels not just possible, but inevitable.
  • Make the one essential shift in your mindset that on it's own will propel your business to the next level.
  • Generate both the headspace and the time required in your diary to do the specific activities that will drive your business forwards consistently.
  • Create a roadmap which details the steps required to get from where you are now to where you want your business to be 
  • Implement robust accountability measures that literally drive your daily, weekly and monthly activity so that you generate the results you want, fast!

"I was lacking connection and I felt as though I was working hard but not getting anywhere. I really wanted to align my vision and my purpose with positive actions which would help me to move forwards with confidence. 

The key thing for me that worked was the structure of VMA. I am now clearer about my vision, my ideal client and my marketing message and I feel much more in alignment!"

Rosie Withey, Horses As Teachers

Also benefit from...

  • Immediate and lifetime access to the complete programme so that you can the work at your own pace and revisit it whenever you are ready for the next level, or your business needs another boost. 
  • Nine Modules delivered across three steps (VISION > MINDSET > ACTION) by video with an accompanying worksheet, with MP3 audio and PDF transcripts so that you can listen on the move, or read at your leisure.
  • Private VMA Community Facebook Group where you can make connections, build relationships, ask questions, seek feedback, share successes and receive encouragement and support.
  • Monthly group mentoring calls with me where you can get your specific question answered and learn from others members experiences.

"Before VMA, I was in overwhelm with my very long todo list and I was stuck on which direction I should take my business in. 

VMA gave me clarity on where I was going and on what had been holding me back and I was so focused on the specific outcomes I wanted, within 3 weeks, I had been invited to speak at 4 different events. 

If you need to move your business forward Tamsen will propel you and your business to the next level!"

Deborah Turner, YOU Image Consultancy

Your investment in VMA For Business

My 1-2-1 clients pay me between £2,500 and £5,000 to receive the exact same training and guidance that is available in this programme. However, because I recognise that not every business can invest at this level, I have made it available at an investment that is accessible to you, regardless of where you are in your business right now.

To gain immediate and life-time access to the programme now, your investment will be either:

That's a fraction of the cost of this level of business coaching and accessible to you, whatever your financial situation. Where else can you gain access to such an essential resource, that will have such a dramatic impact, for such a low investment?

Seriously, the importance of aligning what you're doing wIth what you want cannot be over stated and the reality is that until you do, the chances of you achieving the results you crave are significantly reduced.


Are you ready to take control of your business results right now?